Where’s my backpack? Mother’s Day

Where’s my backpack? Did you pack me a lunch? Have you seen my other
sock? Why can’t we have pizza for dinner? Why do I have to empty the dishwasher?
Chances are, if you are a mom, you have heard this chorus more times that you care
to count. Being a mom is hard work. Sure, in the beginning, it seemed all sweet baby
cuddles and tiny shoes. That was before the diapers and the screaming, before the 1
am feeding, the 3 am feeding, did we mention the 4 am feeding, Before the
homework, before the long division, before the soccer games, bringing snacks for
the class, baking the cupcakes, doing the science project, before all of this chaos life
was much more simple. Maybe you worked full time. Maybe you went to school.
Maybe you stayed at home and read or worked out at the gym. Maybe, just maybe,
you were someone before you were MOM.
And although it seems like sometimes we are taken for granted, let’s not
forget that there is one special day set-aside just for us. One special day in the
middle of May, we get a thank you, job well done, gold star sticker day. Maybe you
celebrate by getting breakfast in bed lovingly prepared by your young children, and
you smile as you eat your half cooked eggs and pancakes with a whipped cream
smiley face. Some get taken out to brunch or lunch or dinner at a restaurant where
they don’t have to prepare the food or do the dishes; always a winner in my book.
Anytime the dishes are done for me, in my mind, I do a little happy dance of joy.
Although eating out with young child can bring its own carnival of stressors.
Remember kids have good aim and loud vocal chords, especially in public.
Sometimes we get homemade gifts, a piece of pottery, a handmade card, a strange
blob piece of clay that you aren’t sure if it’s supposed to be you or the dog. There’s
always the off chance we get a gift card to a spa (hint, hint), a pedicure, a new dress,
or even some new jewelry (double hint).
Here’s the thing. It’s stressful, and it’s every single day. You are a maid, a
butler, a chauffeur, a doctor, a counselor and a cook. You are there 24 hours a day 7
days a week and 365 days a year. The job never ends, pay is non-existent, and every
single day you will think and worry about your kids. And you will be tired. And you
will get angry sometimes, at yourself, at your partner, at them. And sometimes, you
will think it wasn’t supposed to be like this. I was somebody once. I had a different
path. And then they will look at you and smile, give you a hug, hold out their hand
for you, call you out of the blue. And it’s true. You were someone else once, and now
you are someone GREATER. You helped shape a human being. You helped nurture a
soul. You gave comfort when someone cried. You dried tears. You mended. You are
a MOM, and there is no greater job in this world.

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Great description of a mom’s life! Thanks for sharing 😍

Nicki May 03, 2019

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