Healing With Gemstones


            I live in Phoenix Arizona. In case you haven’t guessed, it’s hot here. Like really hot. Like turn on the oven to broil hot. People say it’s a dry heat, and that you will get used to it. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been here a little over 2 years, and I have to admit that I am not as miserable as I was when I moved here in the month of July and 6 months pregnant. Yet, I still miss my humidity, I still miss the rainstorms of the South, and, here is the big one, I still miss green. Oh there are some green things here. We have palm trees, we have well-manicured and irrigated lawns, and we have lots of lovely green cacti. But, there comes a time in every Southern girls life where she needs to see some green rolling hills. Luckily, Phoenix metro area has this covered.

About 2 hours from Phoenix, located in the Prescott National Forest, there is a little place called Sedona. Temperatures here are usually about twenty degrees cooler than the city, and it is a lot greener up in the mountains. However, what Sedona, AZ is really known is the artistic influences. Thriving in this mountain community are numerous art galleries, spas, resorts, and a plethora of New Age crystal shops. Yes, you read that right.  Just a few hours from the desert of Phoenix AZ, lies what is believed by New Age followers to be a powerful and transformative spiritual vortex.  According to New Agers, and before that local Native Americans, the area is crawling with ley lines, natural electromagnetic energy lines, and in Sedona, these intersect to create vortexes, or pockets of energy.

What does any of this have to do with jewelry? Well, you only have to take a walk around Sedona to for a few minutes to find a shop that specializes in gemstones. The area is crawling with them. For thousands of years, and in many cultures, gemstones have been reported to have healing properties. For instance, amethyst was associated with creativity and balance; a stone used to create and concentrate a troubled mind.  In the Orient, jade was associated with many healing properties as well as bringing luck to any wearing it.  Pearls are often linked to innocence and purity, but they were also used to bring their wearer increased fertility and help during childbirth; the original epidural free labor!

 In fact, did you ever stop to wonder what your birthstone meant, or why we even have a birthstone associated with the month we were born? Traditionally, wearing the stone was thought to not only provide the wearer with the common healing properties of that stone, but was also supposed to bring the wearer immense good luck. So, next time you Libras reach for the opal ring your grandmother left you, you might  be wearing it for sentimental reasons, but perhaps the opal’s natural healing properties of releasing anger and calmness might just be an added bonus.





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