Thin Copper Stacking Rings

$ 8
Minimal and simple dainty pure copper bands. Rustic, understated elegance.
  • Delicate hammered copper ring.
  • These rings look best when worn in odd numbers: 1,3,5, etc.
  • Made to order, just for you.
  • Each stacking ring is made with pure American copper, which is said to help alleviate arthritis pain.
  • Every ring has been darkened in an antiquing solution for the perfect rustic style
  • These make great toe rings as well

Please Note: I use a museum grade preservation wax to protect the dark patina on the copper rings, but the dark finish can fade over time with wear and exposure to water/soap/chemicals/lotion. This fading is completely normal and to be expected with all antiqued copper jewelry. Remove your rings prior to washing your hands to extend the life of the patina.

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