Pie, Lights and Christmas Gifts

  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. No, seriously, it is. There are like four Tupperware of Christmas stuff strewn around my dinning room, and another three to four in the garage that I honestly have no idea what they contain. Why do I need so much Christmas décor? And why do I feel the overwhelming need to buy it when it goes on clearance the day after Christmas? These are questions we need to ponder.  Also, why do I have so many Christmas lights? Is there another tree somewhere I don’t know about? Maybe I don’t have enough lights though? See, this is how I end up in these situations.

But enough about me, how is the Christmas shopping going? Did you brave the Black Friday crowds to score a tv or game system, or whatever it is your kids put on their list that the HAVE to have this year? Or, did you play it smart, sit on your couch in your pjs eating leftover pie and do some online shopping? I am going to admit my secret to you all. I shop way too early for Christmas presents. I have a closet in my guest room that I store them in, so if you visit me, don’t peek.

So, come Black Friday, all of my shopping has been done.  It has probably been done since before Halloween.

Now, I don’t say that to brag, because trust me, with 11 teachers to buy for, yes 11, do not get me started on that, I can always use an extra gift. This time of year is the perfect time to buy something unique. I know a few teachers personally, and they appreciate the candles and the candy and the ten things of vanilla lotion, but why not step up the gift giving game a little. Jewelry can definitely be a personal thing, but when it comes to teacher gifts, I always find things like cute little earrings or a bracelet can make a good gift. These items are small, affordable, and definitely one of a kind. Also, the ease of shopping online in my pjs , again yes with my pie, which by the way is pecan if anyone is wondering, is another win! So, get that holiday shopping done you guys, send any left over pie my way, and Happy Holidays to all. Also, resist buying more Christmas decorations after the holiday. Who am I kidding, we all know I won’t!

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HA! I put up my 3 Christmas trees in our ONE living room that we have now! I am used to more living rooms!!!! LOL Other than that I hardly decorated and want to throw away all my other Rubbermaid bins!!!!

Vikki December 06, 2019

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