Normalcy During the Chaos

Wow. Just wow. I really can’t say anything else. I never thought at the beginning of the month of April that we would be where we are as a society. We are living now in a world filled with uncertainty.  People react differently in times of fear. Some people sit in denial. This can’t be happening, it would happen to them, everything is fine or being blown out of proportion. Other people react on the opposite side of the scale. They panic. They over buy stockpiling toilet paper and canned goods. They check the news constantly. Then, I think there are people in the middle. People who are scared and upset, these people buy groceries and supplies, they stay home and self isolate for the good of society. I am hoping that you guys are the later, that you are staying home and staying safe. 

It might seem ridiculous right now to talk about jewelry, but that is exactly what I am going to do right now. Here is why. Right now, we are in a position to help small businesses. These are people who rely on income from us, the consumer, to keep them going. They produce for us beautiful items, and although it might not seem like it right now, we will be able to go out and enjoy society again, so why not wear something beautiful.  Even staying home, I think it is very important to stick to a schedule. It can be very tempting to just stay in pjs all day binge watching Netflix on the couch and eating chips and ice cream. Maybe for a few days that is what you need to cope. However, maintaining a normal routine is, I think, key right now. So get up, get dressed, put on your jewelry. Maybe you have to work from home right now. A little bit of bright fashion during your office conference video chat might go a long way into making this situation feel a little bit controllable. 

We are going to be ok. Stay safe out there. Day by day friends. 

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