Let’s Give Thanks

When the month of November rolls around, people often start thinking about what they have to be thankful for. It is the month of thanks. At the end of the month, we are going to gather around our Thanksgiving meal. It might be a traditional spread of turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and pies. Or maybe you like a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner full of Chinese take out, pizza, or beef stew. Whatever you eat, please tell me there will be dessert; lots and lots of dessert, because I am always thankful for dessert, unless it’s chocolate. I know, I know, I am crazy. I just don’t like chocolate. Or ice cream, but that is a tale for another blog. I do like pie though. It can be pecan, pumpkin, apple, cherry, I’m not picky. Just no chocolate, we have discussed this. 

There are so many ways to express thanks. We started a tradition in my family when my daughter was younger. Every year, we make a little Thanksgiving tree. Trust me, this isn’t as grand as it sounds. I literally go outside, take a few sticks from the yard and put them in a mason jar, and volia a lovely “tree”. Then, everyday a week before Thanksgiving, we write a something we are thankful for on a cut out leaf and tie it to the tree with yarn. We have our usually, family, friends, but it’s fun to see what kids come up with. Paw Patrol, gummy bears and apple juice have definitely made the list before. I think having these kind of traditions gives a way for the whole family to participate in the holiday. 

So, let’s not put Thanksgiving on the backburner this year. Try to put off those Christmas carols for just a few more weeks and decorate the tree a little later. Give Thanksgiving the time it deserves. Be thankful for each other, for pies, for warm sweaters, and yes, be thankful for Paw Patrol. Don’t worry, there will plenty of time soon for that Christmas shopping to begin! And remember, jewelry always makes a lovely gift! 

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