Fall and Pumpkin Spice are in the air

People go crazy for pumpkin spice. They count down the days like it’s a
holiday; so many days till pumpkin spiced latte is back. That, my friends, has become
the new tell tale sign it’s fall. Forget about pumpkin patches, apple cider, and falling
leaves. The new indicator of fall is pumpkin spice. Ok, so I have tried it. Who hasn’t?
I’m not in on the hype, which is controversial I know. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy
a cream cheese pumpkin muffin, or I did anyway before having children made me
allergic to dairy. Thanks for that kids, by the way. I guess what I am getting at, is
what does fall mean to you?
I’m an October kid, so fall was always my favorite season. Then I moved to
sunny Arizona, and guess what, there is no fall here. I mean they think there is a fall.
They have hayrides, they have pumpkin patches and trick or treating, but it’s
literally 90 degrees. Call me old fashion, but I like my autumn with a side of red and
gold leaves and a cute cardigan I can wear with leggings and knee boots.
Still, I have to make the best, and while I might not follow the pumpkin spice
train, give me high fructose candy corn any old day; I am excited about the season. If
nothing else, even in high temperatures, I can start wearing fall colors. I’m talking
about oranges, browns, dark greens and reds. Fall is a chance to break out
accessories even when it is too humid or hot to wear boots and leggings. I am not
just talking about cobweb earrings or spider necklaces, although Halloween is just
around the corner. I am talking about classy pieces that you can wear to work and
still fell like even though it’s 100 degrees and you are sipping that latte, it really can
be fall. Wearing just a bold orange earring, a chunky dark red bracelet, or even an
eye catching beige toned necklace can add a season into your wardrobe. Another
good addition is copper wire wrapped jewelry. Copper screams fall to me, and
adding a darker pendant to copper can definitely make a statement.
And, I suppose, if you really have to get that pumpkin spiced latte. Who am I
to judge? But seriously, get the cream cheese pumpkin muffin to go with it. You will
not regret it.

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