Can you spell February

Did it seem like January lasted for forever? Or was it just me? Seriously, I couldn’t look at the calendar anymore. It was becoming too depressing.  Then we jumped right into February. I have a confession to make about February. Since I can remember, I can never spell it. I always have to rely on spell check, although they didn’t have that when I was in 2nd grade, so we all know who got that answer wrong on her spelling test. I bet everyone has a word like that though. You can’t tell me you are always perfect spellers, because that I simply will not believe. There has to be someone else out there that cannot spell February. Right?! 

Ok, enough about spelling. That’s why we invited spellcheck. Let’s talk about this month. It is a holding place for one of my favorite holidays. No, it’s not President’s Day, although you can score some killer deals on sheets. I’m talking about a holiday that is seeped in tradition and craziness. Yep, it’s Mardi Gras. So, background, I’m from southern Louisiana, Lafayette to be exact. That is where I mainly grew up, went to college, and spent most of my 20s. My family is from there, and still live there. I am one hundred present Cajun. No, I don’t talk with an accent like swamp people (ok sometimes when I am excited), yes I have eaten alligator and fed them chocolate before, and yes I adore Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is a celebration before the days of Lent, before we Catholics have to give up and fast. So, of course we have to throw a big party before hand. Everything from the floats, the beads, the music and, of course, the food, I adore it all. But, you may remember, I am in Phoenix now, and the closest they have to a Mardi Gras is a sad little cinnamon roll thing they try to pass of as a king cake in the chain grocery store. So, this Cajun lady has to make do with her memories and the bag of beads she has stored in the closet. 

Mardi Gras is a celebration too of all things fine. There are balls, queens and kings and a court. As with every fine ball there are jewels to adorn the necks and wrists of all the royalty. Since I have never been invited to be on a Mardi Gras court, their loss of course, I have to make do with my own modest pieces. Shiny jewelry though, always can put a smile on your face, and help you feel like a Queen. Plus, since it is still cold and rainy or snowy weather in a lot of places, doesn’t a bit of shine help with those winter blues. Spring is just around the corner, don’t give up hope yet! 

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