A New Year, A New You? 


The clichéd saying is a new year, a new you. Do you guys make New Year’s resolutions? Have you stuck to them if you have? Are you laughing at me while sitting on your couch binge watching Netflix and eating ice cream out of the carton? 

Any, and all of these, is an acceptable answer. Personally, I don’t make resolutions anymore. Sure, I used to, and of course, they were all the classics; I am going to lose weight, I am going to stop eating carbs, I will go to the gym more, I will put down my phone and be present in the moment. Done them all, and failed at them all, so don’t feel alone. The thing is, I feel like the “whole new you” thing is kind of setting you up for failure. Ok so, sure it would be great if I dropped twenty pounds or stayed away from bread (side note, I love you bread and no one can separate us), but here is the thing, I don’t want a new me. I think what I want is a better disciplined me. Where is the use of changing everything about me? I have flaws, we all do, and there is nothing wrong with failure. We LEARN from failure.  That’s how we grow, how we adapt. We have this amazing ability as humans to become better, and I think failing at our resolutions, or maybe not even making them at all, helps us to learn more about ourselves. It gives us room to grow.  

So, let’s give ourselves a little grace to grow. Also, give ourselves a little bit if new jewelry that always helps too. I have to do a plug here, and remind everyone that although the holiday season is over, it is never too late to get a sparkly new piece.  My kids may be running around screaming at each other at the top of their lungs, someone needs to do the laundry, and yes, the gym is calling, but scrolling through the new items in the shop can help add to my sense of accomplishment right?

So, no, I didn’t drop that twenty pounds yet. BUT, I have been trying to go to the gym more often. Sometimes, I fail, but on some days, some days after weights and cardio I feel like I am winning. It’s all a healthy balance. 

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