5 Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing Fashion Jewelry In the Business World

Take a look at fashion anywhere within the last thousand years, and you will see a picture of a woman wearing a piece of jewelry. Egyptian women loved pounded bronze necklaces, Medieval Europe saw the rise of religious icons as a fashion trend, the early woman in the 1900’s could be seen wearing a cameo piece or, later, jade jewelry. Women have always loved making a fashion statement with the right piece of jewelry, and the same is true, today in the 21st century. However, unbeknownst to some most women, they are doing battle with jewelry mistakes that can easily be remedied. Sometimes, this fix can be as simple as paring down your jewelry and focusing on a staple piece, wearing jewelry that will coordinate best with your chosen fashion, and finding jewelry to wear that not only compliments you, but also give you the confidence to feel powerful with your choices.

A statement piece of jewelry

A single piece of beautiful jewelry can make or break your fashion statement. However, don’t let this become a daunting choice. All that is required is one piece jewelry. That’s it! All you need to do it pick one piece that becomes your core piece of jewelry. Pick a piece that means something to you. Pick a piece that gives you the confidence to match all your other pieces, and pick a piece that you love. For example, let’s say that you have chosen to wear a diamond chain necklace with gold or silver This piece becomes your core piece of jewelry. As such, since this piece is a flashier piece, you would want to keep the rest of your jewelry very subtle.

Wearing Jewelry that does not fit your style

Today’s jewelry can be made of many different materials. We see jewelry made from metals, such as gold or silver, beads, leather, and even fabric. One thing to focus on is making sure that the jewelry that you are wearing coordinates with your outfit. At first, this may seem like a common sense statement. However, many people might choose a brightly colored outfit, and ten they pair a brightly colored earring or necklace. However, doing this can greatly distract from your overall appearance making you appear overdone. Instead, try to compliment the outfit by choosing jewelry that matches, i.e. metal with metal. This way, instead of overpowering your outfit, your jewelry can enhance it.

Wearing too many rings

Most women love wearing rings and are proud to show them off. However, we have either seen or been guilty of piling too many fingers on our fingers. Hey, how else can we show off our rings and our manicures at the same time! Although rings are beautiful, too many can definitely distract from other jewelry and an outfit. One or two rings is really all you need to look professional and put together.

Wearing jewelry based on your skin tone

Skin tone is not something to think about just when choosing makeup! Most people are probably not aware that skin tone is also important when picking out your jewelry too. Keep in mind that warm skin tones call for gold, and cool skin tones look great when it is enhanced with silver or platinum. Some of the most common metals that are used in jewelry today are rose gold, white gold, platinum, and yellow gold. You need to choose the metal and stone that complementts your skin tone. Even when you are purchasing a necklace, bracelet or wedding ring sets, you are purchasing a necklace, bracelet or wedding rings sets, you need to make sure the ensuite piece of jewelry matches you skin tone. The right metal will brighten your overall look.

Lacking confidence while wearing jewelry

Let’s face it. You could wear the right piece of jewelry, you’ve got the right clothes on, your makeup is done, your hair is newly styled, but without confidence, none of that matters, The important thing is to feel comfortable with your jewelry choices. Wear pieces that inspire joy, and you will feel complete in your appearance and style!

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